It's all about Heaven In A Box and the yum that is fun!

A little about us, our founder, how it was all started and why we do what we do!

The makings of Bakers Yum Box where the yum is fun and the tasty treats are heavenly

Bakers Yum Box, where the yum is fun! We send you yummy banana nut bread, sweet treats and a surprise gift. Heaven delivered to your doorstep.

I am Cynthia Dunbar, I make awesome yummy banana nut bread. I am happiest baking up yums for people and have always wondered if there was a way I could turn my passion into a cool business.

As a kid I would bake wedding cakes, birthday cakes, all sorts of cakes for various occasions. I dreamed of baking all sorts of things for people, but as time marched on... the dream was forgotten as the daily grind tends to have us forget our dreams. Now this dream has come full swing, it's time to fulfill this dream of mine.

Enjoy surfing around my little bit of heaven, the baked goods and desserts you will find here are made with natural ingredients. I always make sure the delicious items are made from scratch and made with fresh ingredients. 

With free delivery each month your subscription box of heavenly moist banana nut bread, along with your treats and the surprise gift will be happily waiting for you on your doorstep when you get home.

If you have any questions at all or just want to say hey... give me a jingle: 1-520-488-7001 or send me an email:, it would be great to connect with you!! :-)